After many months of working diligently with community partners Southwestern Community Services and Live Free Structured Sober Living

have worked out a mutual agreement. Live Free Structured Sober Living will lease the building that is previously known as the 2nd Chance building at 881 Marlboro Rd Keene, NH to provide high quality, lower cost sober living for the Keene, NH community and the state of New Hampshire.

Ryan Gagne, founder of Live Free Structured Sober Living said,

“We’re happy to have connected with such a great organization and continue a part of their vision to help out this population of people Substance Misuse Disorder. Southwestern Community Services have bent over backward to help us bring our sober living program to this community”.

The 2 organizations have been discussing this project since August of 2018 and have worked closely on overcoming many issues to arrive at the doors opening.

The program will provide 1 paid live-in staff, 2 live in house managers, drug screenings, in house peer support groups, one on one recovery mentoring, beautifully furnished accommodations, on-site laundry, a computer lounge, high level of structure and accountability, and job placement assistance. All while remaining abstinent from all illicit and non prescribed medications. Live Free Structured Sober Living provides much more than a sober living house, we provide a sober living program that embraces the resident back into their community.

Live Free Structured Sober Living is also a MAT (Medicated Assisted Treatment) accessible program. 95% of the sober living homes in the state don’t allow most medications and present barriers to entry in their housing. The majority of folks exiting a drug and alcohol treatment program are leaving on medication that won’t allow them to access sober living houses. At Live Free Structured Sober Living we are looking to fix that. We will be working in the weeks to come on having an outside provider work with our guests around these medications to gradually step them down over a long period of time. Once off those medications, determined by a medical professional, we will have fully engaged our guests with peer supports, recovery concepts, accountability, life skills, and esteem building activities while they navigate their lives free from medication. The individual must choose this path himself.

Live Free Structured Sober Living has always held an extremely high standard of the community, internally within the program and externally with the surrounding community.

“It takes a village to help people and we’ve always looked at what we can contribute as well as take for ourselves. In Manchester, NH we were able to get out regularly and hand out blessing bags to the homeless population as well as serve food. We look to have the same impact on the community here and welcome partnerships for such activities”.

Recently Live Free Structured Sober Living was featured in an article with The Keene Sentinel. Read about us in the local paper and be sure to come to visit our beautiful facility in Keene, NH.

New recovery support program to open in Keene

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