Live Free Structured Sober Living in Keene, NH will be hosting their first open house at the new location.

On March 23, 2019, there will be an opportunity for those in the addiction treatment field, the addiction recovery community, and the public to all come together. Utilizing the group room area on the Live Free Structured Sober Living facility, there will be tables set up for providers and also free food for everyone. This is a great opportunity for everyone to mingle and learn more about what is being done to help those that are struggiling with SUD (Substance Use Disorder).

Group Room In Sober Living Home In NH | Live Free Structured Sober LivingLive Free Structured Sober Living LLC opened the facility at 881 Marlboro Rd near the Chesire County Jail in March. The goal is to help men in their recovery from addiction in a structured environment. The 20-bed program offers activities that help men in recovery “get engaged in life as quickly as possible” — find employment and volunteer opportunities, participate in “recovery friendly activities,” such as yoga and fishing, and be a part of the community — all for less money than the average sober house, founder and Executive Director Ryan Gagne said in January.

Live Free Structured Sober Living in Keene, NH hopes for you to join us to gain a larger understanding of what we have to offer. We look forward to you joining us and having a great time as well as learning more of what can be done to help this epidemic.