When people enter a sober living treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction, they often have many questions, primarily about how much of their “regular life’ they’re able t maintain. For example, people may wish to have visitors when they’re in a sober living house, friends or family, or even a beloved pet.

For Live Free, we offer several levels of addiction treatment, from outpatient meetings and counseling to partial hospitalization, where patients receive treatment and medication during the day and return home at night, to a sober living home and program, where residents receive treatment and assistance getting their life back on track.

Can I Have Vistors In Sober Living?

Part of the therapy for sober living residents is examining relationships with others in their life, such as friends or family members, and identifying healthy ways to interact, as well as some relationships that may be triggering for the addict.

When people are in the Live Free sober living program, they’re given a safe place, with a support system for sobriety that they may not have at home. Counselors are on hand for individual and group therapy and can support those in early sobriety with finding the right coping mechanism for the stress in life or at work, without turning to drink or drugs.

Sometimes, people may discoer during counseling that certain people are triggering for them, or that they have a toxic relationship or codependency issues. In these cases, visits from the other party may be discouraged or may happen under supervised conditions, such as with a therapist.

Sober Living With Live Free

Sober living is similar to an inpatient treatment program, in that residents live in a safe space where there aren’t drugs or alcohol. During the day, residents may have vocational training and assistance, including help writing resumes or applying for jobs. Group and individual therapy is part of the program, as well, plus education about how to mindfully handle anger and stress, and working through emotions without using.

Exercise is a big component of the program, as well, with outdoor activities during the week and personalized fitness goals for each resident. Residents are encouraged to make connections with others on a sobriety journey, and while a laptop and phone are permitted, the staff in the community may have discretion over when these items may be used.

Do I Need Sober Living?

At Live Free, we offer several choices for drug and alcohol addiction, depending on each patient’s lifestyle and level of addiction. Partial hospitalization can help people who may need medication management and intensive therapy, with several hours of group and individual counseling during the day, plus education about the nature of addiction.

For people who don’t have a stable home life or people who have completed partial hospitalization but may need additional help living sober, a sober living house may help bridge the gap between intensive treatment and “real life.” In a sober living house, you may be able to have visitors and work through complicated relationship problems with friends of the family, while having the supervision and support if conversations become emotional.

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we can help! Give Live Free a call today, or visit us online to learn more about our programs or talk to an addiction counselor.