When people enter addiction treatment, there’s often a lot of questions, many to do with how the treatment program will affect their everyday life, or their ability to work and go places. For many people in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, the treatment should come first, without the distractions of working or the stress that can come along with a job. In addition, some people may have entered treatment after being arrested for DUI or DWI and may not be able to have a car, or may have one equipped with a breathalyzer to operate. In these cases, your ability to have a car may be out of the hands of the treatment program.

Live Free offers several different programs, each of which is designed to help addicted individuals and their families get the treatment and counseling they need to treat the addiction.

Sober Living

Sober Living is helpful for people who have completed a partial hospitalization treatment but still may not be ready to fully go back to real life, or for people who don’t have a strong support system in their lives. Sober living allows people to continue treatment while learning new coping mechanisms to deal with stresses in life without drinking or using drugs.

People in sober living programs are surrounded by others in early sobriety, with support from counselors, plus group and individual treatment. Often these residents may have vocational training, and if they’re deemed able to by treatment counselors, may be able to have a job and a car.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment works best for people whose addiction hasn’t progressed to the point where their health or their life has become significantly impacted, but drinking or drug use stemming a problem. These individuals may have a family support system at home, or other responsibilities, such as children, caregiving for an elderly relative, or a job they can take time off from. Participants will attend group and individual sessions, working around their daily life. They may also have a job and a car while maintaining their daily life free from drinking and drugs.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Partial hospitalization treatment is the best course for people who are severely addicted, and who need intensive therapy. These individuals will have an inpatient-like treatment during the day and then return home, either to their own residence or a sober living home. During the day, patients will have medication management for their addiction withdrawal symptoms and any medication needed to manage underlying conditions, like depression or anxiety, that may have contributed to the person’s addiction to drinking or drugs, as some people may self-medicate instead of seeking mental health treatment.

After a day of group and individual therapy, plus education about the nature of addiction, patients will go home and may have a job that they work in the evenings. They may also have a car, as long as they’re legally able to drive.

Do You Struggle With Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

If you’re worried about your drinking or drug use, or if your usage is impacting your life, including work, relationships, or even encounters with the law, then you may be a great candidate for one of the treatment programs at Live Free. Give us a call today or visit us online to speak with one of our intake counselors about your options, and get started on your journey to sobriety.