Sober Living Portland Maine

At Live Free, we offer exceptional sober living in Portland, Maine, where patients can heal and recover from addiction with peer support. Our staff works relentlessly to create a stress-free, safe, and supportive environment for our residents so that they can focus on healing and building a new life.

When to move into a sober living home

If you are just out of inpatient rehab treatment, moving into a sober living home may be an ideal living arrangement for you. If you have relapsed in the past after rehab treatment, it may be crucial to stay at an inpatient facility to stay sober. Also, if you do not have the option of living with your family or if you have to live alone after treatment, it is important to live at a sober living home to reduce your chances of relapse.

Ideally, recovering addicts stay at a sober living home for 90 days, but you can stay for as long as you deem necessary. Unlike the inpatient rehab facility, residents at a sober living can leave the facility and come back as and when they please. Whether you need to get a new job, mend broken relationships, or build a new social circle, etc., a sober living home offers you a stress-free environment to rebuild your life. We are a top-rated sober living in Portland, Maine, with supportive staff, high-end amenities, and excellent accommodations.

Points to consider before choosing a sober living home

Choose a sober living home, where the residents are of your age group and share similar interests as you or have personalities that mesh with yours. This way, you can have a more pleasant living experience. Also, if you wish to avoid unnecessary distraction, choose a gender-specific housing.

If you have children that will be residing with you, search for family-specific sober living options. It may also be a wise option to choose a home near to your place of work, counseling, and support groups to save time and money on unnecessary commute.

Benefits of sober living homes

A sober living home plays an incremental role in an individual’s recovery. Some of the benefits of staying at a sober living home include:

  • It acts as a safe, secure, and controlled environment for recovering addicts coming out of an immersive care environment.
  • These homes replicate everyday life situations for recovering addicts and help them adapt and develop healthy habits and reinforces essential coping skills.
  • These homes offer individuals the time to make amends with friends, loved ones, family members, and fix trust issues in relationships.
  • It provides time for recovering addicts to find a stable job, build a social circle, find a house, etc.
  • It also prevents them from facing sudden shock having to adapt to everyday situations in the real world, which can be triggering, stressful, and cause cravings.

Visit or call 877.932.6757 for more details on our sober living in Portland, Maine. At Live Free, we offer the well-maintained structured sober living homes with fine amenities and compassionate staff that help patients overcome their addiction condition.

Sober Living Portland Maine
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Sober Living Portland Maine
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