Vermont Substance Abuse Treatment

Live Free is a top-rated Vermont substance abuse treatment facility and sober living home with excellent addiction programs and a nurturing environment. We play an integral role in helping recovering addicts regain control over their life after inpatient treatment. 

Holistic therapy for substance abuse

We use holistic addiction therapies to help our residents attain mental clarity, peace of mind, and to strengthen their resistance to cravings. These are non-medicinal recovery methods that help bring the mind, body, and soul into alignment. Holistic therapies help improve an individual’s overall well-being and help manage the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Some of the holistic therapies that we use include exercise, meditation, nutrition therapy, and yoga.

Holistic therapies are extremely beneficial to help overcome insomnia, poor appetite, and emotional stress in recovering addicts. The flexibility of these therapies helps cater to the needs of each individual in recovery. Our holistic therapies play a pivotal role in promoting physical fitness and improving the self-confidence of our residents and recovering addicts.

Top reasons to choose us for substance abuse treatment

We are a preeminent Vermont substance abuse treatment facility with sober living programs that help solidify an individual’s commitment to sustainable recovery. We protect recovering addicts from the shock of adapting to the “real world” after inpatient therapy, by providing them with a comfortable, supportive, and structured environment.

Relapse is a major problem in recovering addicts in the initial six months after rehab treatment. We try to help recovering addicts maintain their sobriety in the long term by creating accountability, and by providing them with a stable environment. We encourage our residents to participate in 12-step meetings, house group meetings, and other wellness programs regularly. We also conduct and moderate family meetings and meditation workshops to equip recovering addicts with essential skills to help them embrace a drug-free life. We are one of the most affordable sober living homes in NH, with staff guided vocational training and medicated assisted treatments for recovering addicts.

What causes a relapse?

Relapse after sobriety is a relatively common occurrence, and over 50% of all recovering addicts experience a minor slip causing them to pick up drugs or alcohol again. Failing to make sobriety your top priority can lead to relapse. To maintain sustainable sobriety, it is essential to attend 12-step meetings, get a committed sponsor, and attend ongoing care programs.

Also, recovering addicts without a strong support system are at a higher risk of relapse. Staying close to loved ones and family members can provide recovering addicts with a stable and supportive environment. Seeking spiritual guidance or engaging in meditation or yoga can help maintain peace of mind and help recovering addicts overcome triggers and stressful situations in a calm, composed, and rational manner.

At Live Free, we specialize in helping recovering addicts succumb to the ways of the ‘Real-world’ one day at a time. Our Vermont substance abuse treatment helps recovering addicts attain sustainable sobriety and equips them with essential skills to lead a healthy, fulfilling, and gratifying life.

Vermont Substance Abuse Treatment
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Vermont Substance Abuse Treatment
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