Partial Hospitalization Program

Live Free Recovery offers partial hospitalization programs based on a client-focused approach that considers the needs of each person who enters our care.

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Our full continuum of recovery care options is carefully designed to provide all clients with a recovery process that will help them succeed in life.

When it comes to addiction treatment, there are many levels of care. These different levels of care fall into two major categories, inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient forms of treatment are highly structured and intense and require rehab patients to live in rehab facilities 24/7 while receiving care. Outpatient forms of treatment are typically less intensive and structured than inpatient ones and do not require rehab patients to live in rehab facilities while receiving care. The most structured of the outpatient forms of addiction treatment is partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment.

What is Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment?

Partial hospitalization program treatment is the most intense and structured form of outpatient addiction treatment. This is because partial hospitalization program treatment requires its patients to attend rehab for approximately five to eight hours a day, five to seven days a week. Thus, PHP therapy essentially requires its patients to attend rehab all day. As a result, another name for partial hospitalization program treatment is day treatment.

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment

There are many benefits to attending a partial hospitalization program for addiction treatment. Some of these benefits are described below.
Partial Hospitalization

It Offers the Best of Both the Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Worlds

What makes partial hospitalization program treatment outpatient despite its long hours and structured nature is the fact that it allows its patients to leave their rehab facilities and live in their own homes once treatment is over each day. This makes PHP therapy the perfect middle ground between inpatient treatment programs and typical outpatient treatment programs.

PHP treatment is also a great alternative to inpatient treatment for anyone that wants the intensity and structure of an inpatient treatment program with the flexibility of being able to live in one’s home and tend to one’s normal life responsibilities that outpatient treatment programs offer.

It Can Help Individuals Transition Out of Inpatient Treatment

Even individuals that want or need more treatment to help them slowly transition out of inpatient treatment back into regular society can partake in PHP therapy. This is because PHP treatment is one small step down in intensity than inpatient treatment.

PHP treatment also makes a good way to transition from inpatient treatment into regular society because it allows individuals to partake in intense addiction treatment while simultaneously getting to live their normal lives in society. This means that PHP patients will have access to addiction triggers to test their sobriety while they are in treatment.

It’s a More Affordable Option to Inpatient Treatment

Another major benefit of partial hospitalization program treatment is the fact that it’s much less expensive than inpatient treatment. This is because PHP treatment patients don’t have to pay for overnight living expenses at rehab facilities.

Despite PHP therapy being less expensive than inpatient treatment, it still provides rehab patients with care that’s nearly as structured and intense. This essentially makes PHP treatment a more affordable version of inpatient treatment.

It’s Comprehensive

Partial hospitalization program treatment is very much comprehensive. This means that PHP treatment offers rehab patients all the major addiction treatment components. This includes individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, and medication-assisted treatment.

Many partial hospitalization programs even offer their patients holistic treatment and aftercare treatment. Thus, as a partial hospitalization program patient, you never have to fear missing out on addiction therapy and treatment opportunities.

Who is Best Suited for Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment

Not every form of addiction treatment is meant for everyone. People that are best suited to receive partial hospitalization program treatment include the following:

  • People that need more intensive care than what traditional outpatient treatment programs provide.
  • Individuals with stable home lives that are filled with support.
  • People that have young children or some form of home life responsibilities that they must attend to during the period of time that they’re in rehab.
  • Individuals that need a more affordable version of inpatient addiction treatment.

Cost Coverage for Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment

When it comes to paying for addiction treatment, the best route is to use one’s health insurance. Although health insurance plans vary, most of them will provide at least partial treatment coverage for PHP therapy. This is due to the Affordable Care Act which requires health insurance companies to provide as much coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment as they do for addiction treatment.

Individuals that still need to raise more funds to pay for the cost of partial hospitalization program treatment after tapping into one’s health insurance can do so through a wide variety of ways. For example, individuals can receive a loan or tap into their personal savings to pay for PHP treatment. Individuals can also use their credit cards to help pay for PHP therapy.

Some partial hospitalization programs will even allow rehab patients to pay for treatment on a sliding scale, or payment plan. If that is not an option, individuals can always resort to crowdfunding or fundraising to help them pay the cost of PHP treatment.

Receive Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment At Live Free Recovery

Live Free Recovery is an addiction treatment and recovery center located that’s based in New Hampshire. Live Free Recovery’s goal is to help men and women recover from chronic drug and alcohol addiction. In order to accomplish this goal, we here at Live Free Recovery offer our patients multiple different pathways to recovery. This includes 12-step programs and medication-assisted treatment.

Here at Live Free Recovery, we offer three different addiction treatment programs. These three addiction treatment programs include partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment, outpatient treatment, and sober living programs.

It was vital that we offered partial hospitalization program treatment. This is because it provides rehab patients with the structure and intensity of inpatient treatment while still being an outpatient program.

Together with outpatient treatment and sober living programs, PHP therapy here at Live Free Recovery offers the care that all individuals need, regardless of the intensity of their addictions, to overcome their substance addictions and transition back into regular society as sober individuals.

To learn more about partial hospitalization program treatment or any of the other addiction treatment programs that we offer here at Live Free Recovery, contact us today! We would love to hear from you!