Sober Living Program in NH

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Get a Fresh Start Sober Living

Our initial orientation period in our sober living homes program lasts an average of thirty days.

The length of the initial orientation period in our sober living homes allows our guests time to start personal step work, find home groups, and form solid foundations in the local recovery community. This is all while getting acclimated to the Live Free Sober Living House’s expectations.

Individuals living sober will also spend the initial orientation time period in our sober living homes program becoming immersed in addiction recovery and preparing for employment or school with the help of our staff. The initial orientation period will also help guests develop connections with both people in the sober house and outside volunteers. This, in turn, will help each of our sober living residents build a strong sober living network with friends that are also living sober.

At Live Free Recovery’s structured sober living homes in NH, guests have the opportunity to participate in weekly activities. Sober living guests can also participate in service projects while settling into new surroundings and having some fun in sobriety.

Sober Living Program Features

Here at Live Free Recovery, we take pride in our sober living programs. That’s why we make sure that they are as comprehensive and effective as possible. We also make sure that our sober living programs contain features that cater to the needs of our residents that are living sober.

Some of the features that our sober living programs contain include:

  • 12 steps programs
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Staff-guided vocational training (resume, interview, preparation, budgeting, time management, cleanliness, shopping, cooking, etc.)
  • Fitness goal setting from local experts
  • Medication workshops
  • Continued recovery, commitment, and accountability
  • Family support meetings
  • Community support projects
  • Individual support with staff twice a week
  • Recreation activities (hiking, camping, kayaking, skiing, and snowboarding, along with house dinners together)
  • 2-3 house groups a week


After the orientation period at our sober living homes in NH, guests will begin to set out into the city and use the employment and vocational skills established earlier in their stay at our sober living homes. After acquiring jobs or schooling, they will begin to create healthy routines through the schedule and curfews of the Live Free Structured Sober Living Program.

Continual practice of the 12 steps is the central focus here. This is because these are the tools that will help our living sober residents grow all areas of their lives.

We support our sober living residents doing medication-assisted treatment while they are also going through the 12 steps. This is because we want our sober living residents to start their addiction recovery journeys any way possible while having the goal of abstinence-based recovery.

Individuals can move through addiction recovery at their own comfort levels. Ultimately, we just want our sober living residents to succeed in life and sobriety without judgment of your path.

Living Sober Accountability

Men and women early in addiction recovery can begin to become distracted by less important details. As a result, their personal recoveries from addiction can begin to lose their importance.

That’s why we hold our sober living guests in NH accountable for the actions that they take in recovery and point out what is working and identifying and what isn’t working. This, in turn, allows each guest to have an individualized addiction recovery plan in our sober living homes.

Peer-to-peer interaction is vital to the community here at Live Free Recovery Structured Sober Living. The men and women of the sober living program help newer members adjust to their surroundings while also providing additional direction to make the transition to living sober more comfortable. Peer-to-peer interaction at sober living homes also helps establish a sober living environment for new residents.

We believe that a connection is the antithesis of addiction. That’s why we make sure to provide our sober living residents with the opportunity to build a strong sober living network.



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Items to Bring To Sober Living

sober living nhWhen you are planning to move somewhere, you need to make sure that you have everything that you want to move into your new place with. That’s why below, we’ve provided a small checklist of items to make sure to bring with you during your residency at Live Free sober living homes.

  • Clothes (indoor and outdoor)
  • Current medications (will need to be turned into staff)
  • Electronics (will need to be turned into staff)


  • Laptop
  • Phone

Benefit of Sober Living Homes

Living sober after struggling with substance addiction can be extremely difficult for people. That’s why sober living homes are so vital. By living in sober living homes, each individual that is new to recovery can venture back into regular society after attending rehab with the security of knowing that he or she is living in a sober living environment at home. This, in turn, makes the transition from rehab to regular life much easier.

Start Living Sober Here At Live Free Recovery

Live Free Recovery is an addiction treatment center that focuses on providing addiction recovery services. We provide these addiction recovery services to people that are trying to overcome their alcohol or drug addictions.

As a treatment center that focuses on providing recovery services, we here at Live Free Recovery offer newly recovered individuals with sober living homes to help them get a fresh start in their recovery journeys. In fact, one can argue that our sober living homes is our primary recovery service.

The reason why we’ve made sober living homes our primary recovery service is because we believe that, with the help of the 12 steps and medication-assisted treatment, our sober living homes in NH can restore wellbeing, peace, and contentment in the lives of people that once struggled with substance addiction.

Our Live Free Structured Sober Living program has many different sober living home locations across the state of NH. Thus, New Hampshire residents that are new to addiction recovery always have a place that they can turn to for some extra support while transitioning back into society.

Through our sober living homes and other addiction treatment services here at Live Free Recovery in NH, we are improving the addiction recovery rates across the state. If you live in or near New Hampshire and are thinking to yourself, where are sober living homes near me, look no further. Just search Live Free Recovery and give us a call. We can provide you with a sober living home and other addiction treatment services.