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An effective drug rehab program should address all of the patient’s needs, not just the drug use…


At Live Free Recovery Services, we use a client-focused approach that allows us to meet the needs of everyone who comes into our care. Our goal is to provide the support and tools that are truly transformational, and our staff is committed to helping individuals achieve true recovery.

At our New Hampshire facilities, we offer multiple levels of care including drug & alcohol detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient rehab programs. Every patient should experience a safe, long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Restore Your Self-Confidence And Sense Of Purpose

Here at Live Free Recovery, we take great pride in the effectiveness all of our addiction treatment programs. That’s why we make sure to incorporate a wide variety of evidence-based therapies within them. For example, when it comes to our inpatient programs, we make sure to incorporate evidence-based behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy in the addiction treatment process.

We also incorporate various evidence-based forms of psychotherapy, or talk therapy, into our inpatient treatment programs. These forms of talk therapy range from individual therapy to group therapy, to family therapy, and more. Many of the same forms of addiction therapy that we offer in our inpatient treatment programs are also offered in our outpatient treatment programs.

Ultimately, no matter what type of addiction treatment program you enter here at Live Free Recovery, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Take advantage of our high-quality addiction treatment programs today, and restore your life.

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Start Your New Journey and Live Free From Addiction

If you are ready to leave your substance addiction behind once and for all and start a new life, look no further than Live Free Recovery! Live Free Recovery Services offers a full continuum of care from inpatient treatment to our sober living homes. Therefore, anyone with a substance addiction can receive treatment at our facility.

Once you enter an addiction treatment program here at Live Free Recovery Services, you become a part of the Live Free Recovery family, and as a family member, we invest in your recovery long-term. That’s why we provide our patients with the motivation and momentum that they need to achieve addiction recovery and start new lives.

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New Hampshire Drug Rehab Programs


Our mission is to help men and women recover from chronic drug and alcohol abuse through the actions of the 12 Steps and Medicated Assisted Treatment. Allowing them to restore their self-confidence and sense of purpose, as well as re-establish a healthy connection with family and friends. READ MORE


Live Free Recovery and Sober Living is located in the beautiful state of NH. Our many locations offer a unique opportunity for guests to enjoy the state if New Hampshire, its culture, the NH addiction recovery community, and vast work opportunities, all without sacrificing the ability to enjoy the outdoors. READ MORE


We provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment services with a structured schedule. Our locations are safe, clean, and ideal for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Our recovery program facilitates peer-to-peer connections to nurture a sense of belonging amongst all patients. READ MORE


We offer comprehensive residential drug rehab programs for individuals that are suffering from more serious substance abuse issues. This level of care is considered the gold standard in addiction treatment services as individuals receive 24/7 support and reside in our treatment facility. READ MORE

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

At Live Free Recovery, we offer several outpatient rehab options including partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient rehab, and standard outpatient services. Each program is geared to help an individual overcome substance abuse issues, while each program offers a different level of commitment. Outpatient treatment differs from residential care in that the individual will spend their evenings at home and attend our drug and alcohol rehab centers during the day.

Outpatient rehab also offers excellent step-down treatment options from residential substance abuse treatment. We do also offer medication-assisted treatment as part of some of our New Hampshire outpatient services. Individuals will need to qualify for that program.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial hospitalization programs are considered the next step down from residential care. They require a large commitment as individuals are often required to attend treatment for up to 8 hours a day. Individuals with mental health disorders can also qualify for this form of outpatient care.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive outpatient programs are excellent substance use programs for those looking for a step-down approach from a PHP or residential care. Individuals attend the treatment center roughly 4-6 hours a day and can usually work or go to school around their treatment.

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Additional Evidence-Based Treatment Available at Our New Hampshire Rehab Centers

At Live Free Recovery in New Hampshire, we blend evidence-based treatment with a holistic approach to provide people with a more well-rounded program. Some programs available at our rehab center include

Medication Assisted Treatment

This program is available for those that qualify and may be struggling with severe dependence on alcohol or opioid drug addiction. Medication-assisted treatment can be a form of extended care to help individuals steer clear of substance misuse.

Gender-Specific Treatment

We offer rehabs in New Hampshire that are geared toward men and women. These programs are tailored to provide support for specific substance abuse and mental health issues that women and men face. This can help strengthen the recovery journey.

Relapse Prevention Program

All of our treatment practices include helping individuals build a solid and thorough relapse prevention plan. Drug addiction is overcome by getting people the support and connection they need. Our New Hampshire treatment center is committed to providing support through our entire continuum of care from residential care to our sober living homes. This is for the sole purpose to spot drug addiction relapse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Live Free's New Hampshire Rehabs accept private health insurance?

Yes, we accept private insurance providers as well as New Hampshire Medicare and Medicaid. If you’re concerned about out-of-pocket costs, contact our facility today to have a better understanding of what you can expect to pay.

Do you accept patients that don't reside in New Hampshire?

Yes, we offer residential care as well as sober living homes that people can reside in while they attend our rehab centers in New Hampshire. You do not need to live within the state to attend one of our programs.

Do you offer detox services for drug and alcohol abuse?

Yes! We now offer detox services to individuals from across the state of New Hampshire and beyond. Our New Hampshire detox center treats withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, opiates, heroin, and more.

Do you offer any mental health services?

We offer therapy options to help address mental health disorders that may be co-occurring with substance misuse issues. To learn more about our therapy options please contact our admissions department to learn more.

How do I know if I need addiction treatment services?

If you have the compulsion to use continue to engage in substance use without being able to stop, regardless of the consequences, then you should consider entering into a program. It’s important to remember that addiction is considered a chronic disease and not your or your loved one’s fault. At Live Free Recovery, we can help overcome this disorder!

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