How Does Valium Make You Feel?

Some prescription medications are obscure, and others are very well-known. Valium definitely belongs to the latter category. A brand name of the generic drug diazepam, Valium belongs to the benzodiazepine group. Sometimes called benzos, benzodiazepine drugs are depressants, and they're often prescribed for their calming effects. Thus, they can help patients who struggle with conditions like chronic anxiety and insomnia....

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Zaza Red

ZaZa Red (Gas Station Heroin)

Known as gas station heroin or gas station dope, ZaZa, or Tianna Red (Tianaa), ZaZa Red is legal and available in most states and is commonly marketed as a dietary supplement. The primary ingredient in ZaZa Red is tianeptine, which is addictive and can have dangerous consequences. This drug has been a drug of abuse since 2000 and has led...

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Mexican Xanax Bars – What are they?

As the prescription drug abuse epidemic rages, one specific medication is all the rage. More and more people are encountering Mexican Xanax bars. These pills are a valid medication in Mexico, but they're being shipped around the world for people to use recreationally. They can have some unexpected ingredients and are often quite dangerous. To learn all what Mexican Xanax...

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Is Afrin Addictive?

Nasal congestion is a problem for many people in the U.S. That is the conclusion reached in several studies, including one from the online publication Pharmacy Times. It revealed that around 1 in 4 Americans experience the condition daily and that an estimated 85% of people struggling with it have had their lives turned upside down as a result, from...

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Understanding the Percocet Opioid Medication “Pink Perc 10”

Percocet is a combination narcotic prescription medication that contains the non-opioid acetaminophen and the opioid oxycodone. The acetaminophen component reduces fever and works to complement the effects of oxycodone, an opioid that changes how the body experiences and responds to pain. At recommended doses, Percocet is effective in treating moderate to severe pain, but it also carries a risk of...

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muscle relaxers

How long do muscle relaxers stay in your system?

Muscle relaxers are medications that are commonly prescribed to treat a wide range of muscle-related symptoms, which include everything from spasms to spasticity. While all muscle relaxers provide similar advantages, they can work differently. Whether you are about to start a new job or want to make sure that you don't take another medication while the muscle relaxer is still...

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How long does Dilaudid stay in your system?

Dilaudid, also known as hydromorphone, is used to treat severe pain. As an opioid, it's vitally important that you take it exactly as directed. Dilaudid should not be taken for mild pain or as needed. Instead, it functions as a long-term pill for extreme pain and is a Schedule II narcotic. Dilaudid typically stays in your system for up to...

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Alcohol and office

Does Alcohol Show Up On a Drug Test for Work?

Yes, alcohol can show up on a drug test for work, especially if the test specifically includes alcohol testing, such as breathalyzer, saliva, or hair follicle tests. Employers test their employees for a variety of substances to provide a safe working environment, meet legal obligations and address concerns about employee health. Among the substances tested, alcohol occupies a unique position...

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unhappy couple

Why an addict can’t love you?

How Substance Abuse Complicates Relationships A person who is dependent on drugs, alcohol or other substances will likely have difficulties forming and maintaining healthy relationships. This is partially because the effects of their substance use disorder will make it impossible to focus on anything other than their next fix. In some cases, a substance abuse disorder is the result of...

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K-Hole: Ketamine’s Dissociative Effects

Ketamine is a disassociative anesthetic that has recently been explored for its potential to treat the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression and bipolar disorder. But for those who have been using ketamine outside of its intended uses, this beneficial medical drug can quickly become life-altering and scary. This is especially true for those who fall into a k-hole, best described as...

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