Sober Living Homes
in Keene, NH

We have Live Free homes for both men and women.

When you first step onto Main street in Keene, NH you are taken back to that small town feel. A top-notch state college, as well as incredible restaurants, line the street. Many fellowship meetings are held at the Serenity Center and there are more meetings throughout the valley at any time of the day. Only a few miles away is Spofford Lake that has majestic views and a beach for relaxing. On July 4th there is a boat parade and even cannons that fire off during the day. During the winter enjoy beautifully groomed mountain skiing at many of the local ski resorts that are only a few minutes away. If you enjoy hiking in the warmer months Monadnock State Park is right down the street.

There are many choices in New Hampshire when you are looking for sober living homes, but you don’t need to look any further. Live Free Recovery and Sober Living in Keene, NH has the facility that will set your journey apart. Our Keene, NH sober living facility is a 24-bed facility. With 6 beautiful, separate, 2 bedroom apartments you will live in a Sober Home that you can be proud of. Updated kitchens, bathrooms, and large living spaces allow you to feel comfortable in your recovery from drugs and alcohol. We find that if you feel safe in your sober living environment you will feel comfortable doing the sometimes uncomfortable work of healing from addiction.

Keene, NH is very empathic to the current state of the opioid crisis and welcomes sober homes such as Live Free Recovery and Sober Living in their community. We work with local employers to provide a stable work schedule and environment that is safe and beneficial for those in recovery from Substance Use Disorder.
Downstairs are our offices where we provide support from our staff as well as a large group room. We have outside recovery meetings in Keene, NH come in so all of our sober living residents can meet the local recovery community. Live Free Recovery and Sober Living Home in Keene, NH wants you to succeed not only in your recovery from addiction but in your life also. A community is a large part of addiction recovery and we want you to be a part of it.
We are proud to be featured in the local paper, The Keene Sentinel. Read our article here.


Here at Live Free Recovery and Sober Living in Keene, NH we believe in structure and momentum.

In order to help our guests create momentum, we provide staff and oversight to assure a safe and sober living environment.

We have 1 paid live in staff that meets with each guest at least once a week to establish and document what the action plan is and how the individual is progressing in that plan. Our staff is also looking to see where they can help the individual be successful. They will be upholding curfew, chores, and drug and alcohol screening. He is also there to inspire an atmosphere of unity and a positive sober community which is essential to the growth of a person in recovery.

We have a recovery coach (CRSW) that is well connected in the area of Keene, NH that works 10-20 hrs a week. This is geared to assist the guest in continuing to establish themselves in their recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

We also have two live in house managers who have the important function of role modeling what recovery looks like and adding to the unity and positive energy of the sober house.

These unique functions allow Live Free Recovery and Sober Living Home in Keene, NH to stand out from other sober living in New Hampshire. We do this by establishing a positive sober environment for our guests. This allows them to continue their journeys in recovery and lay their own unshakable foundations.