Live Free Recovery Services offer inpatient residential treatment for those who may benefit from additional support during the recovery process. Patients receive the best care while remaining in a comfortable, home-like facility where all their needs are taken care of. This allows individuals to focus solely on recovery and betterment. Live Free Recovery understands that addiction looks and feels different for everyone. That is why we focus on individualized treatment plans that fit each patient’s unique set of circumstances.

What is Inpatient Residential Treatment?

Inpatient residential treatment is a full-service package. Patients go through their treatment program, from start to finish, in the comfort of the facility. Shelter, meals, and entertainment are all provided onsite, so the patient has access to everything they need.

Often, patients choose the inpatient residential treatment for their detox and recovery before transitioning to the Live Free Recovery outpatient program for post-recovery.

Patients entering inpatient residential treatment first start with a diagnostic assessment that allows us to build a customized treatment plan. After which, the patient can choose their intake day and start their journey towards a healthier, sober life.

Benefits of Inpatient Residential Treatment

Ultimately, inpatient residential treatment isn’t the best option for everyone. Some patients prefer outpatient programs, so they can continue with their work and see their loved ones every day.

Still, there are several benefits to an inpatient residential treatment, including:

  • Less Temptation: Live Free Recovery Services provides a sober environment for individuals seeking drug and alcohol treatment. Patients who struggle with a substance abuse addiction can benefit from removing themselves from easy temptation and triggers.
  • A Supportive Community: Patients have the opportunity to create peer-to-peer bonds that will help them get through their recovery journey. These individuals are all going through the same experience and can relate to and help each other. Even the non-medical professionals that help run the Live Free Structured Sober Living Homes are in recovery or are close to someone in recovery, so you always have an understanding person to talk to.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Help: Detox and withdrawal can sometimes be dangerous and life-threatening. Inpatient residential treatment comes with 24/7 monitoring and access to medical help. If something goes wrong, support is always nearby.
  • Build Routine: While receiving treatment, patients will start to form structure and routine in their lives. This habit will be beneficial in remaining sober post-recovery.
  • Reshifting Priorities: Recovery can be a challenging process. For many patients, thinking about what to eat, work problems, and bills can only jeopardize sober living. Many patients choose the inpatient residential treatment program so they can reshift their priorities and only focus on recovery.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Live Free Recovery Services offers addiction recovery programs that are evidence-based. Stanford Medicine found that the 12-step program has the highest success rate when it comes to treating alcohol addiction. Our Sober Living Program includes actively pursuing the 12-steps.

If inpatient residential treatment isn’t your ideal solution, consider one of the many other programs Live Free Recovery offers:

Often, finding the best program fit is a trial-and-error process. Live Free Recovery Services allows patients to switch from one type of program to another, so they can find the best treatment path for a healthy, full recovery.

Get Started Today

It’s possible to regain control and start the journey to a happier, sober life. Live Free Recovery Services’s inpatient residential treatment offers an encompassing recovery program. Everything is taken care of, patients just need to show up and put their sobriety first. And, Live Free Structured Sober Living has many locations throughout the beautiful state of NH, so help is closer than you think.

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