Drug and Alcohol Rehab Resources in New Hampshire

In these trying times, many people struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Finding resources to help those in need find support, detox in a healthy manner and get the help and education they need about drug and alcohol addiction can be challenging. We’ve put together a guide to the top Drug and Alcohol Resources in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Area Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous

The NHAA offers resources for those struggling with alcohol addiction. The website has lists of local chapters and meeting times, as well as online and virtual meetings. The site also has resources for those new to AA, including the 12 steps and how they work, plus links to finding the right sponsor. There are also virtual copies of traditional AA materials, including the Big Book and self-help worksheets.

Granite State Area Narcotics Anonymous

This website offers a list of area Narcotics Anonymous groups, including locations and meeting times. Virtual meetings and other online resources are also listed. There is an addict callback support line for those in crisis, as well as listings of area meetings and events. Other resources include videos and booklets about drug addiction, comprehensive descriptions of the 12 steps of recovery, and assistance for those seeking a sponsor.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a science-based recovery system that helps individuals who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. Resources include webinars and podcasts to help addicts learn more about the nature of addiction. Virtual meetings are regularly scheduled as are group therapy sessions. SMART Recovery also has a mobile app with check-up choices and tips for safe recovery.

Naloxone Kits in New Hampshire

Naloxone kits may be purchased at a pharmacy that is operating with a standing order (universal prescription) for those seeking safe detox and recovery from opiate addiction. Naloxone kits are available for free from recovery community organizations (RCO), or from the local regional Doorway, one of nine “hubs” that support those who need drug and alcohol addiction support. Naloxone can help the severity of withdrawal and the side effects of detoxing. The site also has a map of pharmacies with these kits available.

Addiction Resource Center (ARC) Portal

This site is a good first step for those who are concerned with their substance use or those concerned about a loved one. The site includes a free assessment and educational information about addiction. Other resources include links to local AA, NA, SMART Recovery and Celebrate Recovery meetings in the user’s area.